Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Stone Roses To Reform. I Guess I Should Be More Excited.

As the NME reported, The Stone Roses are reforming. The four original members will go on tour in 2012, including a few sure-to-be mammoth gigs in the UK.

I wish I could get more excited but I can't; reunion gigs just don't do much for me. Make no mistake: I loved seeing a classic -- though Eno-less -- line-up of Roxy Music in 2000 but I just normally don't care about trying to make lightning strike twice.

Hell, The Pixies were a trifle disappointing in 1989 when I saw them live so why would I want to see them now when they're older and, presumably, less edgy?

As for My Bloody Valentine: I don't even listen to them very much anymore so I really didn't have any interest in seeing their reunion act.

The Stone Roses put out one flawless, perfect record in 1989 (and another crappy one in 1994). The first album was re-issued later in 1989 to include the epic "Fools Gold" on the CD and it's hard for me to hear it without thinking of The Record Co-Op again (!) -- I know, I know!

In early 1989, I read about the band in the NME and Melody Maker and I *think* either Kelly or Archie -- future members of Velocity Girl -- told me in the store one day that Yesterday and Today Records in Rockville had the debut LP on vinyl but I was strictly a CD man at that time.

The college PR guy at RCA in NYC had me on the phone one day -- this was before RCA in the D.C. area got a very cool college rep. of their own -- and he and I discussed the album. The guy raved about it and said the hype was deserved.

He mailed me a tape he had made of the vinyl LP and, even before the album had been released by RCA/Silvertone in America, my coworker/buddy Don and I were hooked on the band -- I even remember Don or another coworker saying that for once I had hyped a good English band, or words to that effect.

The magnificence of that record cannot be dismissed. Here's album opener "I Wanna Be Adored" in the full LP version, not the shortened single edit.