Saturday, October 8, 2011

My 900th Post: Now What?

Honestly, I did not time my posts in order to have the milestone of my 900th land on the day that marks my first 4 years as a blogger!

Last night when I was confirming that my count was accurate -- Blogger counts drafts too so my number was higher than what's actually published on here -- I realized that I was nearing this blog's anniversary.

Four years and 900 posts later, what have I learned? What have I accomplished?

I am not quite sure.

I probably won't hit post number 1,000 before my next trip.

But, I'm pretty sure that I'll try to hit that more significant milestone from somewhere in Hong Kong.

Maybe at Christmas. Or near New Year's Day.

Thank you to anyone who's read any of my sometimes self-indulgent pieces of writing.