Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Free MP3 From Cardiff's Laurence Made Me Cry

Well she may not be Welsh but she's there now. Jo Whitby is the main musician behind Laurence Made Me Cry, a musical act/project encompassing animation and tunes. Jo performed in Bristol but now she's made Cardiff her home. She's got a lovely voice and I'm bringing you a free MP3!

On Saturday, 22 October 2011, Laurence Made Me Cry will be playing the SWIGEN Festival in Cardiff. Details are in that link. Derrero will be performing live there for the first time in 10 years -- more on that later in the week -- and there will be loads of great music to enjoy for those of you lucky enough to be in Cardiff.

The Rain Song EP is folky but a bit modern, heartfelt but not morose, lyrical but not sickly sweet. The songs that are more upbeat reminded me of the rollicking moments from England's classic folk boom in the early 1970s as well as older Tracey Thorn solo tracks.

A track like "In The Moonlit Garden" sounds like a busking Alison Moyet.

While "The Rain Song" is all over the 'net -- and probably the sort of song a lot of folk-oriented people will gravitate to -- for today's free MP3, I wanted to showcase another cut that has more of an indie vibe.

"It's Easy When You Know How" sounds like the sort of song you'd hear on a Cherry Red records compilation in the 1980s. And for this Yank who grew up scouring import bins for that sort of thing in the 1980s, that's high praise indeed.

You can download the song here:
"It's Easy When You Know How"

Find out more about Laurence Made Me Cry on the act's Bandcamp page:

Or on the Facebook page:

Additionally, Jo runs a cool site that features quite a few music pieces that should interest readers of this blog: