Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sick (In America, This Time)

Despite what some people online think, I don't get sick just in Hong Kong.

In fact, I'd venture to say that I'm sicker now than I've been in 11 years -- since my last trip to England and my grueling flight home.

I didn't think I'd ever feel that bad again. But I do now.

Cough, fever, shakes, and so on. I've got a 10-day supply of some horse pill-like antibiotic, along with a prescription cough medicine with codeine in it.

I go to bed, start getting the shakes and chills as the fever kicks in. I wake up a few hours later covered in sweat.

I wisely got a doctor's note on Friday 'cause I'm gonna be off work for at least another day or two.

The only bright spot has been a two-day "In Living Color" marathon on the Centric cable network. Twelve hours of the genius of David Alan Grier and Tommy Davidson and Damon Wayans makes me feel a tiny bit better.