Monday, August 1, 2011

The Shape Of Things To Come (1979)

I really can't believe how atrocious The Shape Of Things To Come (1979) is!

I mean, it makes TV's "Jason of Star Command" look good. At least that TV show had a bit of wit to it, a sense of fun. This film is just awful on nearly every level.

Compared to Alien (1979), which came out months after this, The Shape Of Things To Come (1979) presents a vision of the future that reeks of the Seventies.

The film came-and-went in 1979 and before I could ask my parents to take me to see it -- or at least drop me off at the theater to sit through it -- the film had tanked. I vaguely recall being intrigued by some stills from the film in Starlog magazine at the time.

Hey, I was a 12-year-old sci-fi and comics nerd. That's why.

Anyway, there's some nonsense about Earthlings living on the moon and Jack Palace is a guy who commands an army of evil robots. And Carol Lynley is in this, between episodes of "The Love Boat" and "Fantasy Island", one guesses.

Her hair looks great, though.

There's not much action. In fact, the film moves at an almost glacial pace when compared to most of the other Star Wars (1977) rip-offs from that era.

It's sure to be the source of unintentional laughs, though.