Friday, August 19, 2011

Free Mint Julep MP3 Download

You know, 20-some years later, I fucking hate shoegazers.

I do appreciate the irony that I still slavishly listen to a few bands -- Lush, Ride, especially -- that are clearly shoegazers in some ways but -- and here's the important thing! -- they were also bands with big, strong tunes.

So when I got my hands on this track today and saw Mint Julep described as a shoegaze band, I cringed.

Then I played "Aviary" and I stopped cringing.

This is a big tune, closer to recent Goldfrapp than the class of 1991; There's a touch of post-"Behind The Wheel" Depeche Mode here, and a trace of Ladytron, only with less sinister vocals.

I like the song quite a bit and I urge you to follow the band.

After you play and download the track below.

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Mint Julep - Aviary by Anorak London