Saturday, June 11, 2011

Laziness, Rain, And A Visit To The Broadway Cinematheque

I was lazy today. Really lazy.

Then when I made an effort to get out of the hotel, I got caught in the middle of a rainstorm and ended up a bit soaked despite an umbrella.

Okay, The Golden Rock had an extra ticket to a screening of My Heart Is That Eternal Rose (1988) at The Broadway Cinematheque.

Why is it that I can't sleep while sitting up on an airplane but as soon as I sit down in a comfy seat in a chilly theater here in Hong Kong, I start to doze off?

I didn't entirely nod out but I may have missed a few seconds of the movie.

The film was a stylish -- cinematography by Christopher Doyle -- romance set against the backdrop of a triad conflict, and it doesn't entirely work but it looks great and Tony Leung Chiu-Wai is quite good in his supporting role.

Before I met up for the film, I hit a Vietnamese restaurant on Nathan Road -- I think -- and had a very good dinner.

Then I explored the Kubrick bookstore and the DVD store. I got a Truffaut book and a study of the 1947 classic, The Ghost And Mrs. Muir.

I looked for some titles for A Hero Never Dies but I was luckless. I even had the clerk look up the titles in the computer.

Lemongrass beef and rice...

These shrimp spring rolls were not quite what I expected when I ordered them but they were delicious and I ate all of them!

Light and airy, they were deep fried but not oily or heavy...

Broadway Cinematheque at night...

The vestiges of the Temple Street night market...

The books I was discussing. The Truffaut one is loaded with photos which is why I got it...