Friday, June 24, 2011

Captain America Trailer 2

Can you tell that I'm excited about Captain America: The First Avenger (2011)?

I didn't know there was going to be a second full length trailer until last night and I've probably watched it a dozen times since then.

The rock music -- Tool? -- doesn't seem to fit but I liked it otherwise. My faith in this film is riding high and I think it's the sort of thing that will remain faithful to the Captain America I grew up with; it doesn't look like they've tried to make the character too dark and mysterious -- wouldn't fit Cap anyway -- so that's a good thing.

When the Red Skull, presumably, asks Captain America: "What makes you so special?" and Cap answers: "Nothing. I'm just a kid from Brooklyn." I felt like that was a moment that would have made Jack Kirby proud.

And the film seems to be treading a fine line between being flag-waving and jingoistic and being realistic; fighting Nazis in World War 2 is the sort of story that would require a bit of flag-waving, wouldn't it?

We are about 4 weeks away from the opening of Captain America: The First Avenger (2011) and I've yet to see anything to make me nervous about this film.

Could it end up being as good as Iron Man (2008)?

This Cap fan is hoping so.