Saturday, May 28, 2011

Brother (UK) -Debut US EP Out Now!

Brother -- sometimes labeled Brother (UK) -- are a band from Slough, the city that inspired the original version of "The Office" on British television.

Brother are energetic and fun and a throwback to 1995 and the days of Menswear, Shed Seven, early Oasis, and loads of other bands. Produced by Stephen Street, tracks like "Darling Buds of May" are shouty and fun singalongs.

While not entirely original -- no new ground is broken here -- Brother make up for that fact with a lot of energy and a catchy set of tunes that a lot of those other Britpop bands didn't have.

To be direct about it, if you liked something like "She Left Me On Friday" by Shed Seven -- and I did! -- you'll like these 4 tunes quite a bit, I reckon.

The debut full length album will be out this summer and in the meantime, keep track of these lads from Slough via the links below!

Follow Brother (UK) here or here, or on MySpace here:

Get the Fly By Nights EP on US iTunes here.