Thursday, April 28, 2011

Free New Song From Carl Barat (The Libertines, Dirty Pretty Things)

I know it took a bit of a critical drubbing in some quarters, but I actually liked the 2nd Dirty Pretty Things album quite a bit. The slower, more melancholic, songs on Romance At Short Notice (2008) were the ones that I enjoyed on that record and they hinted at the direction Carl Barat's career was going to take as a solo artist.

(That is, when he's not writing a memoir or leading a Libertines reunion!)

On May 2, Carl Barat will be releasing a new EP containing new music and live recordings, including Carl's recording of a previously unreleased Libertines track called "Grimaldi" and a cover of The Langley Sisters song "Sing For My Supper".

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"This Is The Song" by Carl Barat
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Carl Barât- This Is The Song by Anorak London