Thursday, February 3, 2011

More Captain America Photos Surface

That cover, to one of the first memorable issues of The Avengers that I ever laid my hands on as a kid, is closer to becoming a film.

With two pretty solid Iron Man features already completed, and a Thor flick set for May, we just need the backstory of Captain America to hit the screen to be ready for The Avengers film in 2012.

(I should confess that I am far more excited about Captain America: The First Avenger than I am about the Thor film since the Norse god doesn't even have his Donald Blake alter-ego in this version of the story.)

I hate American football but I am very tempted to watch Sunday's Super Bowl game because of the premiere during a commercial break of the first preview footage of the Captain America film.

In the meantime, we have some new and awesome stills of Captain America which you can also find on in high-res versions.

Jack Kirby would be proud, I think. I wasn't originally sold on Chris Evans as Steve Rogers but I am now.

The full World War 2-era Captain America, ready for action. Let's see the modern version of this outfit when Cap meets the Avengers...