Monday, January 17, 2011

One Nite In Mongkok: The Taxi Ride Back

Yeah, despite the blog post title that alludes to the Derek Yee flick, there are no gangsters in my video.

When I go to Hong Kong I try not to be the fat, lazy tourist despite being the fat, lazy tourist.

Still, early in this last trip I was worn out from walking in ways I hadn't been on earlier trips and, so, had to be lazy and take a taxi instead of the subway.

So one night in Mongkok, as it was getting late and near the time that I thought the MTR stopped running -- but I probably had time to get home -- I took a taxi all the way from Mongkok to my hotel near Causeway Bay.

It was a week night so there was not a lot of traffic and the cabbie was FLYING when we first started off.

I reached for my camera and, by that time, he had hit some traffic and slowed down. A bit.