Friday, January 28, 2011

More Pictures And Video From The Sampan Ride in Hong Kong

(This is my 700th post! I deleted a few early ones last year -- and there are a few more worth deleting back there in the 2007 archives -- but whatever; it's my 700th and it's HK-related so I'm happy!)

Back in December when I originally posted about my ride on the sampan in Hong Kong, I didn't load all the pictures for fear of boring my 5 regular readers.

Now, as I sit in America and miss Hong Kong (and search for a job there), I've decided to upload the lot of the photos, good and bad.

I'm not the photographer sbk is so don't compare these with her work over at Pictures, Thoughts and Comments.

I sort of like the blurry ones due to the sun glare.

As for the lopsided ones: those are on purpose. The boat wasn't tipping over. It was just me trying to switch it up a bit.

I rode the bus that morning with a goal of getting to Aberdeen. I made it and was just watching the boats near the dock when this older lady approached me and tugged on my sleeve. I don't speak Cantonese so I just shook my head "No," to her. I didn't know what she was after.

Shortly, she came back again, but this time with a notecard printed in English which more or less said:

"Hi, my husband and I run a sampan. For x dollars, we will ride you around the harbour..." and so on.

So I paid my fee and rode the boat. I think it was $60HKD which is about $7.75 USD.

They had that big orange cat which was like a watchdog. I was just fascinated by that cat leaning over the porch and meowing at me in the way that a dog in a yard barks at someone walking by.

I wish they had taken me further out into the harbour but that's probably a dangerous prospect for a small boat like this sampan.

I never made it back to that Jumbo Floating Restaurant. There's always next time.

Sanatorium near Jockey Club...


Hong Kong Sampan 1

Hong Kong Sampan 2

Hong Kong Sampan 3

Hong Kong Sampan 4