Monday, December 20, 2010

Recharing My Batteries (Camera and Physical) in HK

You know, it's a good thing that I like the routine and boring stuff here 'cause I haven't done anything Exciting yet.

I stepped out today to have breakfast and hop on the streetcar or train to see some sights but my camera battery was dead already.

I barely used it. Anyway, I headed back to the Computer Centre building in Wan Chai, right up the steps on the Hennessy Road exit of the Wan Chai MTR stop.

I broke down and got the charger which was less than $20US. The kid in this place said that the battery I was sold last Friday was a fake. Could be.

Hope this charger is not a fake.

I'm still recovering from last night's heavy Indian dinner. "Mild" here is still spicy, I've found. I'm a wimp but I love my Indian food all the same.

That's chicken tikka masala and mutter panner and a mango lassi and plenty of water!

I stopped to take a photo of these kittens in a shop window near my hotel. I wounder if I could sneak one home in my carry-on bag?

I had breakfast at Cafe De Coral which is a food chain as nearly ubiquitous as Fairwood. I ate at Fairwood a few times on the last two trips but I had somehow avoided Cafe De Coral until now.

The wall menu at Cafe De Coral...

This is supposed to be Hokkaido milk scrambled eggs with a chicken breast. I hope none of those kittens from the shop next door ended up in this pressed meat aberration. My nurse friends will appreciate the irony that Cafe De Coral's initials are CDC which is how we refer to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention back home.

I shouldn't be a smart ass as that breakfast cost less than $4US.