Saturday, December 18, 2010

Not Every Day Can Be An Adventure In Hong Kong

For those of you -- five, maybe? -- following along via Facebook or Blogger, I feel compelled to post something everyday while I'm here in Hong Kong for my 4th visit.

That said, I can't promise that I'm going to have anything exciting to post every single day.

So, for those of you who like the ordinary, here goes.

First, I had a very quick breakfast -- see the first video.

Second, I met a friend for lunch at the Citygate outlet mall -- see the second video.

This mall is the one mall here in Hong Kong that feels like an American mall.

No elephant-sized Americans toting Cinnabon bags and wearing Sarah Palin t-shirts, though.

(Before anybody says "But Glenn, you are a fat ass!" Yes, I am but I'm within 65 pounds of my ideal weight. The people I see at my neighborhood Walmart are behemoths in comparison to me!)

We had lunch at the Food Court.

Again, unlike at an American mall, a food court here is not littered with Sbarro's wrappings.

No, a food court here at least offers quality food, usually of an Asian variety.

We chose the teppanyaki place and it was pretty good. I got scallops -- kind of on a non-beef kick at the moment after the horrible "beef" I had on the flight over.

I think it was cat. Undercooked grey cat.

Later, I returned back to base camp to find the new Gillian Chung video on MTV Asia.

Ah Gil looks sad and stylish here. They showed a Charlene Choi MV right after this one...

I wised up and bought a few things at the supermarket today rather than get them at 7-11 or Circle K. Those waters were half the price per bottle than at the convenience stores. Those chips were good! Not so sold on the crackers yet but I had to get 3 to get the sale -- I think it was only $1US for those 3 packs.