Tuesday, December 21, 2010

In Which I Taste Blood In Wanchai (And Buy A Few DVDs)...

I am glad I took a wrong turn this morning. I walked the wrong direction on Hennessy Road in my search for Yee Shun Milk Company and then found myself in Wanchai so I took a chance that this Filipino place would be open -- I forgot that they are open 24 hours a day except for Monday night (?) -- and the food was awesome!

Mang Ambo is in the heart of Wan Chai and they seriously rock!

I don't know the names of any dish but there's two small pieces of the pork with the crispy skin there; the bottom dish is the pork cooked in the piggy's blood; on the upper left is the beef with the onions; and on the upper right is the pork lung which tasted like shredded pork barbecue, for lack of a better comparison. All delicious!

The aftermath!

Takeshi Kaneshiro ad in the subway...

Weird building near Pacific Place...

Cops on their way to a raid on a Triad stronghold. If only!

I know it looks like a lot but I really didn't buy that much this time -- only 7 Shaw Brothers DVDs! -- and only a few other select titles. I did find some more Cherie Chung films and I got yet another copy of The Chinese Feast (1994) for only about $3US!