Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hong Kong Food Update

Just a stopgap post to cover two good meals that didn't fit into any earlier blog post.

On Tuesday, I once again had dinner with the cool kids and we ate at some Shanghai-style place in The Elements mall.

The food was quite good.

Okay, in the picture below, there's some kind of braised eel to the far left; that's kidney in the middle to the left; there's a noodle with a peanut sauce next to that and a larger noodle bowl in the back; there's also jellyfish up front and egg whites mixed with a tiny bit of vinegar.

Then, Wednesday night I checked out a Vietnamese place near my hotel. The owner was very friendly. Not only that but the menu was just big enough to cover some of my favorite Vietnamese dishes. I might try the banh xeo -- the golden crepe -- that I'm so fond of back home.

Every time I get spring rolls at a Vietnamese place here, they taste delicious. Spring rolls here are nothing like the deep fried and greasy mistakes going by that name off of menus back home in America...