Sunday, December 19, 2010

Hong Kong Begs The Question: How Out Of Shape Am I?

You know, I had every intention of leaving the hotel and getting breakfast and then wandering around all day.

No. My legs still hurt so freakin' bad that I had to beat a retreat and trudge back uphill, praying that the maid had cleaned the room already.

She had.

Andy Lau looks down and pities fat asses like myself. I bet he could run all over Causeway Bay and not break a sweat.

Earlier, I hit Toast Box for the first time on this trip -- see the first video below.

Then I wandered near Victoria Park.

On the way, I tried to figure out what the commotion was here with this group of Chinese people in the middle of a sea of Indonesian nannies on their big day off work -- see the second video below.

And then I walked down and got some tempe. Luckily, I didn't accidentally get the spicy ones like I did last time. I like the plain ones the best.

I also found another $3US watch. I don't wear a watch at home and so -- of course! -- once again forgot to bring one with me here!

I got a cheap one near my hotel. Ripped the straps off -- didn't fit my fat American wrist -- and stowed it in my pocket.

Like last year, it will probably work until about February.

Okay, I'm going to take a nap -- don't laugh! -- have a soak in the tub and head out in a few hours.

The weather is quite nice today so it would be silly to stay indoors.

Hmm, taxis are cheap.