Monday, December 27, 2010

The Definition of Polypharmacy in Hong Kong

I used the term polypharmacy which is a word I usually see at work in connection with the idea of old people mixing up their "meds" in some dangerous fashion.

So, while I do not have a fever yet, nor do I feel nearly as awful as I did last Christmas -- that "cold" lasted until the end of January -- I felt bad enough this morning that I decided it was time for the black market Zithromax.

Okay, in this picture, on the left you can see Mannings which is a health and beauty chain here in Hong Kong, and on the right you see Watsons which is a real pharmacy chain here in Hong Kong. The staff at Watsons are usually friendly and helpful. And the stores are super clean too.

But, like a pharmacy in America, they won't dole out a prescription drug without a prescription.

A place like the one you see below will indeed hook you up. Six Zithromax cost me about $10US. Thank you, Pfizer Australia!

This big breakfast may also help heal me. We'll see. The French toast may aggravate my asthma but not yet...

Bring it. Need to get well before the big New Year's Eve weekend...