Monday, October 4, 2010

Intrigue in Nylons (1972) with Ching Li

Don't let that title fool you: 1972's Intrigue in Nylons is not some fetish film. No, this Ching Li flick is a sort of comedy about the travails of a young woman in charge of her family's nylon company in 1972 Hong Kong. Helen (Ching Li) has returned from university and finds her family's company 4th in the market.

Director Kuei Chih Hung was the director of 1974's The Rat Catcher, as well as co-director on earlier classics like 1969's Whose Baby Is In The Classroom? (1969), and here he brings a light touch to the proceedings despite some farcical moments.

The film is really a story of business with nice satirical elements thrown in -- the commercials for the rival stocking companies are pretty funny -- and I don't understand why this film was not deemed good enough for a DVD release.

So Ching Li dons a disguise to apply for a secretary's job at a rival stocking company where the handsome boss has just returned from abroad.

The scenes of a Ching Li wearing a mini-skirt and a bobbed hair wig are quite funny.

Tin Ching plays the role of the rival company head. The part feels like something Peter Chen Ho would have played had he lived.

The film's plot consists of mostly bits about the rival companies trying to outsmart each other but the success of the film is really all about Ching Li.

The super-cute actress -- who looks even super-cuter in that bobbed wig -- really throws herself into the role and adds a tiny bit of manic energy to the proceedings that keeps things moving in the right direction.

But it's not long before Ching Li's Helen Tse has to choose between business and love.

Look for Shaw beauty Ling Ling as the hot secretary at Ching Li's company in some funny scenes early on.

This is one of the VCD-only Shaw Brothers re-issues and you can buy the VCD here.