Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Taxi Driver (1975) with David Chiang

This 1975 Shaw Brothers flick provides a look at the "real" Hong Kong. Well, it's the sort of realism that relies heavily on the star-power of leads David Chiang and Wong Chung. The Taxi Driver (1975), from the director of The Battle Wizard (1977), starts with a bunch of vignettes designed to show the unglamourous side of Hong Kong circa 1975 in an effort to dispel the notion that the place is some sort of paradise.

David Chiang's girl, Lin Chen Chi, gets threatened by some thugs and the movie turns into a revenge picture.

So much for that attempt at neo-realism HK-style.

As the film switched genres, from exploitation picture to -- briefly -- kung fu flick, I found myself getting bored with this film.

I think there's the germ of a good film inside The Taxi Driver provided that a viewer has the patience to look for it.

If nothing else, the early location shots of 1975 Hong Kong are a treat to watch.

I watched The Taxi Driver (1975) on VCD but you can order the DVD here.