Friday, September 3, 2010

Machete Isn't Perfect But...'s a lot of fun.

Rather than tick off what Machete (2010) didn't do, or what it's not, let's just take it for what it is and admit that any film -- a mainstream film at that! -- that has a big scene between straight-to-cable king Jeff Fahey and Robert DeNiro can't be all bad.

Yeah, the scene is a bit flat but that's okay.

Death by Lowrider! Lindsay Lohan as a nun! Michelle Rodriguez looking like that!!! Danny Trejo swinging through a window on a dude's intestines!

I would have trimmed about 15 minutes off this flick -- but I say that about most modern films -- and I probably would have left most of Lohan's part on the cutting room floor.

BUT...Machete (2010) manages to be a lot of fun and certainly seems like some kind of modern exploitation film, albeit a big Hollywood one. Additionally, it makes more political points than those old blaxploitation flicks did AND it's still funny and fast-paced (for the most part) and decidedly silly.