Monday, September 13, 2010

Heroes of Sung (1973) with Shih Szu

This standard wuxia flick boasts good action and strong production values but it feels -- to me at least -- like a rejected Cheng Pei-Pei flick. Heroes of Sung is the usual thing with Shih Szu effective in the lead role as Hong-Erh who must get get some royal seals from bandits who stole them.

Lo Lieh and Pooi-Saan Cheung are along for the ride as well. After a training sequence in a cave, it appears that Lo Lieh's character is not the martial artist we'd expect from the actor; he gets slapped in the face from his spinning training dummy!

Heroes of Sung is short -- about 80 minutes -- and it would take me longer to type up the plot and all the crosses and double-crosses than the running time of the actual thing. The action is pretty good, there's some flying, and some blood.

But the good thing about Heroes of Sung for me was that I finally got to see Shih Szu kicking ass. She is amazing in one scene near the end of this film, like a more violent Cheng Pei-Pei, just mowing guys down -- even doing a crazy slicing job on her opponents mid-air, mid-jump!

I watched Heroes of Sung on VCD but you can buy it on DVD here.