Friday, July 16, 2010

Ye Gods! Anthony Hopkins Is Not Odin

Yeah, it's time for fanboy snark again. Look, I don't care that much about the Thor movie -- the character is not near to my heart like the Fantastic Four were; I never was a big reader of the comic on a regular basis --- though I did read it around issues 250 to 300 fairly regularly -- but that was the era when I reading nearly every monthly Marvel title! -- and, let's face it, it will be well nigh impossible to translate Thor successfully to the big screen. Frankly, I would have just had him appear in The Avengers film without a lot of backstory as the silliness of the obligatory origin story could be too much.

Jack Kirby drew Thor and his crew, including Odin, with a certain space-y-ness that I appreciated even if I didn't read the stuff firsthand when I was a kid. It's not quite at Conan-levels of sword-and-sorcery grittiness, nor is it totally cosmic like the Silver Surfer, but there's a unique vibe in the best Thor issues that bears the stamp of Kirby's earlier work.

So, as Twitch and are reporting, the first shot from the film has been released and it shows Anthony Hopkins as Odin (smiling like a stoner), Chris Hemsworth as Thor to the left, and Tom Hiddleston as Loki to the right.

Looking at the cast list, I'm dying to know how the plot explains a black guy as a Norse god and why Tadanobu Asano is in this thing -- he does a lot of movies!

Fingers crossed but not losing sleep over this one if it turns out to be a failure...