Thursday, May 20, 2010

New (Final?) Single from Black Box Recorder

In what they're billing as the final statement, Black Box Recorder (Sarah Nixey, Luke Haines, John Moore) released a new single in May 2010 and it seems to have slipped under the radar -- I just found it on a trawl of iTunes today.

I already heard the sublime "Do You Believe in God?" and the other new song, "Keep It In The Family", is not bad either.

The liner notes reference Frank Butcher, Nanny McPhee, and Enoch Powell -- only Morrissey can do stuff like that with the same mix of dark, sly humor (humour) and pop sense.

Moz got his ass handed to him for even referencing Powell's sort of "England for the English" BS but Black Box Recorder -- as usual -- are using the dark past of England in an intellectual fashion.

The gentle nudge that things are not all right in the "land of our fathers" (to quote another BBR flipside)...

You can stream the songs on the band's MySpace page:

In the States, you can buy the single from iTunes here.