Saturday, April 24, 2010

Jollibee: A Taste of The Philippines in Hong Kong

Before anyone laughs at me for posting pictures of fast food -- yes, I'm fat and I enjoy to eat -- I'd just like to say that for the thousands of Filipino women working as nannies and domestic helpers in Hong Kong, this particular fast food chain is not just a spin on McDonald's; it's a nice reminder of home.

And when someone works here for sometimes months at a time before a chance to visit home again, that reminder can be very much a treasured thing.

That said, Sunday was probably the worst day to go as the place was packed as most nannies and domestic helpers in Hong Kong take their day off on Sundays.

So my friend and I ordered too much food and here are the pictures to prove it!

A small part of the menu -- see the rest here...

Dessert menu and I was assured that the tuna pie was a snack and not some kind of fish dessert!

I got the spaghetti and chicken combo -- the chicken is called Chickenjoy!

I also got a hot dog to go with the chickenjoy!

This is a quick spin on palabok. I had a small taste of this and I liked it more than the chickenjoy, actually...

When I try stuff like this here in Hong Kong, I wish Anthony Bourdain would do a whole episode in Hong Kong devoted to all the non-Chinese food here!