Saturday, April 24, 2010

A Bad Mood In HK Is Still Better Than A Bad Mood In The USA

I say bad mood because I schlepped all the way to the Hong Kong Film Archive and both films today were already sold out! I had a local woman tell me repeatedly and loudly that they were "full" as she stood in line for the standing room only tickets. She did the same to the next white guy she saw as well.

If I had known that I didn't need to be in a rush to make a film screening, I probably wouldn't have chowed down at Hiroshima in the food court of the Times Square mall...

The Yakisoba was a large portion, even by American standards, and the takoyaki...well, it was overkill, let's be honest. It's always a chore to eat that but I'm learning to appreciate it because, on some weird level, the idea of the dish is fascinating to me...

This way to disappointment -- it's a nice shot though...

I visited the Patrick Lung Kong exhibit, which was small but informative -- no pictures allowed, of course.

And I tried to buy a ticket to Friday's screening of Love Massacre (1981) with Brigitte Lin but, as of today, there were only three seats still available near the front row. Forget it. That's why God invented 47 inch plasma TVs and DVDs.

The older I get, the less pleasure I take in seeing a film in a theater (I'm sure I know one fellow blogger who I respect who will disagree with me vehemently on that concept, LOL!).

The day was not a total waste as I did purchase some books on Cathay Pictures -- because one day I'll run out of Shaw Brothers films to watch! -- and director Li Han-Hsiang.

That's Julie Yeh Feng in that photo.