Friday, February 26, 2010

Save BBC 6!

Following a few news reports like this one and this one, BBC 6 Music looks to be in danger of becoming extinct.

I don't know if someone from outside the UK can make a difference in any way but I know I get a few hits from UK music fans thanks to my infrequent music posts.

There is already a movement to save BBC 6 underway and if anyone can make a difference it's the guy who somehow got Rage Against The Machine to have the Christmas Number One in England last holiday season.

Check out while you can Kenickie frontwoman Lauren Laverne's wonderful daily show.

There are already a few Facebook pages and groups up and please join them as well.

Save BBC 6 Music Facebook Group

Save BBC 6 Music Facebook Page

Here's a clip of a band Lauren has championed; I'm sure there are thousands of aging music fans like me out there who now enjoy a band like this thanks to the digital efforts of BBC 6 DJs like Lauren and others.

Sometimes it takes a DJ who actually likes what he or she is playing to get a band some deserved exposure. The world needs more John Peels, really.

The Drums "Best Friend"