Monday, January 25, 2010

Thoughts on Pavement's Best

The idea of Pavement releasing a "Best Of" compilation is still the sort of thing that makes me feel ancient.

When I finally heard "Slanted and Enchanted" in late 1993, I momentarily had second thoughts about ignoring so much great American music while I was chasing after rare tracks from The Auteurs and Suede in that era.

And one of the great regrets of my rock fandom is not ever having seen Pavement live.

(Hey, given the bands I did see and meet, I'd say I shouldn't have any regrets; I'm sure there are people that would trade seeing Pavement at their prime with me seeing The Pixies in a smallish club in 1989, right?)

So the NME unleashed the track listing for this "Best Of" and its surprisingly decent. Hell, the fact that two (!) tracks from the Watery, Domestic E.P. made it onto the "Best Of" is astounding to me! "Shoot the Singer (1 Sick Verse)" is clearly in my top 10 Pavement tunes.

The biggest omission is, clearly, "Carrot Rope". And where is "Rattled by the Rush" or any of the sublime mellow jams from 1995 parent album Wowee Zowee?

Well, to remind me of what I missed live, here is a clip of the band rocking one of their "best"!

Pavement "Trigger Cut" live, 1994