Monday, January 4, 2010

In Which I Meet Jo Koo!

I know some of my online friends are aware of my desire to actually see a Hong Kong film celebrity in person on this, my 2nd trip to Hong Kong.

I mean, if not for the films, I would not be here. The cinema of Hong Kong is why I loved this place before I even got here; the character of the city in the films is real and even more varied in person.

That said, in a post that is sure to make some people very happy -- especially Mr. Sanney Leung -- I met Jo Koo!

Thanks to a local friend's tireless efforts, we arrived at the Tai Hang branch of Jo Koo's dessert house, Xiao Tian Gu and had an early dessert before our dinner. As my friend told the staff that I was a big fan of the actress, the staff kindly informed us that Ms. Koo would probably arrive around 11:00 PM.

Wall of fame at the Tai Hang branch, Ms. Koo with Chow Yun-Fat and her The Detective costar, Aaron Kwok, nearby -- along with Gillian Chung

Okay, so we went and got a meal and timed our return for 11:00 PM.

When we arrived, no sign of Jo Koo but the guy behind the counter handed my friend his iPhone and -- yes indeed -- it was Ms. Koo on the other end of the line.

The actress graciously said that she was at the Kennedy Town branch of her restaurant so my friend and I hopped in a taxi and rode off into the night.

I combed my hair in the backseat; I should have brought an iron for my clothes too!

We get to the Kennedy Town branch of Xiao Tian Gu and there's Jo Koo, looking so normal and nice, totally unlike the sexy police boss she portrayed in The Vampire Who Admires Me.

Miss Koo was quite nice and agreed to take a picture with my big goofy American self.

I normally keep my face hidden from my blog, but I can't resist posting a picture of me and a Hong Kong actress I like quite a bit...

My friend chatted with Jo's equally charming mother for some time.

So, not only did I meet a celebrity -- an actress I think most of my online friends also like and want to see more of -- but I got to have 2 delicious desserts in one night.

At the Tai Hang location, we had Stewed Hokkaido Milk and Egg White, served cold, and at the Kennedy Town location we had mango juice and papaya drinks as well as The Imperial Chinese Gelatin made with Sweet Gui Hua Flowers AND Cold Sago Soup Mango and Pomelo.

Ms. Koo mentioned that her next two films will be an Ann Hui film and a Pang Brothers horror film. She said that the Pang Brothers *are* indeed making another Detective film with Aaron Kwok but she will not be in it.

Xiao Tian Gu

Tai Hang: G/F, 10-11B School Street
Tai Hang, Hong Kong

Kennedy Town: G/F, 1D Davis Street
Kennedy Town, Hong Kong