Friday, January 22, 2010

Comics Cover Browser

A friend sent me this comics cover browser and I'm sure it will be an internet time waster for other geeks too.

From when I got to be a regular monthly buyer of The Avengers, during George Perez' first amazing run on the magazine...

Not only comic books but Famous Monsters of Filmland magazine covers as well!

An issue I vividly remember buying at the corner drugstore only to have my mom cut out the goriest pictures from the magazine as soon as she saw it!

I looked up this issue and it's from 1975 so I was 8 when I got this one -- I was already hooked on monster movies and now I had a place to read about them on a monthly basis.

The cover pic of Karloff from The Mummy haunts my dreams to this day!

I'm sure that the feature on Mexican horror films is probably where I first heard of Paul Naschy -- yes, I know he was born in Madrid but I'm pretty sure that the magazine would have not made that distinction in those days.