Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Starlight Bookstore; Another Day of Walking and Eating

After much walking and the use of a friend's handdrawn map, I found the infamous Starlight Bookstore which Brian has written about in the past.

It's a good thing that it was closed because it looks like the kind of place that would drive my allergies into a frenzy: dusty and musty with paper products sure to cause my hands to start itching like crazy.

As you can see from the window, the place looks like a bomb went off inside.

I did get to wander through North Point again.

I had breakfast at Toast Box and tried their version of Laksa, albeit Singapore-style laksa.

One of the big questions I am still asking myself is why are there so many Japanese shops and things in Hong Kong? There are far too many to simply be a gesture towards visiting Japanese tourists; I think the locals just really look to Japan to set culinary and fashion and artistic trends.

I stopped for lunch at Ajisen Ramen, a chain with many shops in Hong Kong. I had the sweet corn ramen, a Pepsi Light -- finally found an equivalent of my beloved Diet Pepsi! -- and a 3-piece side order of gyoza.

The whole meal including the service charge was less than $7 US.

Why would anyone ever go to McDonald's here!?!

Well, time for a short rest and then...guess what? Time to walk and then meet a friend for dinner!