Sunday, December 20, 2009

Nasi Lemak Out of a Bag in Victoria Park

Thanks to the inspiration of duriandave on my last trip to Hong Kong, I'm now hip to where the good Indonesian food is in Hong Kong.

And while I did find one of the restaurants that he introduced me to in August, there was no table to be found today as the whole area is packed with Indonesian women -- nannies and domestic helpers -- on their one day off.

While I did feel like an interloper as I strolled around Victoria Park, I also felt happy and humbled; the outpouring of genuine joy as the women gather to pray, eat, talk, and pick out new clothes is inspiring.

I don't want to be the Westerner seeking "a cheap holiday in other people's misery"-- as John Lydon sang -- but I am interested in the culture and the cuisine.

And the woman who sold me the food off of her blanket seemed more than happy to see someone like me buying a meal from her -- as did the women who stopped and asked me if I liked the food as I purchased it.

Add to that some tempe from a nearby shopfront, and I had an awesome breakfast/brunch this Sunday in Hong Kong.