Wednesday, December 30, 2009

It Had To Be Done #2: KFC Breakfast in Hong Kong

Let's be honest: that KFC smell is infectious. And, luckily, it's universal.

I was on my way to my beloved Toast Box when that KFC odor reached out and tapped me on the shoulder and said: "Hey buddy, it's never too early for some KFC, right?"

Well, the big surprise to an American here is that KFC in Hong Kong has a breakfast menu and what a menu it is!

KFC chicken breast with brown gravy served with scrambled eggs or a hot dog (!).

I think there are hash browns under there somewhere too.

Just an unholy mess of food. I was hungry.

The gravy helped it go down but I couldn't eat all of that.

Still, kidding aside, the KFC breakfast menu is more interesting than the normal KFC menu at home, or the McDonald's breakfast menu.

I've got 5 more days; should I try for a BK run?

(It's worth noting that I didn't escape unscathed from the Colonel Sanders hellhole as, just like at home, the batter did aggravate my coughing a tiny bit.)