Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Hong Kong Film Archive on the Anniversary of Anita Mui's Death

I know Tim, duriandave, Brian, and YTSL might find it hard to believe, but, yes, I did drag my lazy self to The Hong Kong Film Archive -- finally! -- on a drizzly day no less!

I'm still a bit sick but my fever is gone and my cough is subsiding; however, when the cough returns it comes back quickly with a vengeance. My cough drops from Watsons have helped, though.

So the Archive is easy to find and, while I did not attend any screenings, I did get to see the exhibit on the Seven Little Fortunes.

I was aware that Jackie Chan, Yuen Biao, and Sammo Hung were students of the China Drama Academy but I probably should also have known that director Corey Yuen was also a member, as well as Yuen Wah and Yuen Qiu -- the landlord and landlady from Kung Fu Hustle to most people.

The exhibit was fun and it was a bit surreal to be standing there watching old Sammo and Jackie clips with a lot of school kids who were giggling at all the right moments in unison.

I then took a break in the library and flipped through an assortment of current movie magazines.

I purchased a few books downstairs -- I got two copies of that Jupiter Wong book and it's a good thing I did as the binding is already falling off of the copy I was flipping through.

And the purchases came in a nice canvas bag -- a great souvenir by itself.

I got 2 copies of this Jupiter Wong book precisely so that I could frame pages like this one -- a shot from Tsui Hark's sometimes laughable The Legend of Zu -- one of my favorite images from that 2001 film...

The late, great and always wonderful Anita Mui discussing a scene with respected director Ann Hui on the set of Eighteen Springs...