Monday, December 7, 2009

Frankie and The Heartstrings - Fragile

There's a new video for single "Fragile" from Sunderland's own Frankie and The Heartstrings. I should add that's Sunderland, England, and not the Sunderland, Maryland, down the road from kenixfan's own home.

I've posted some MP3s from the band once or twice in the past and I'm glad to see that the band are getting popular.

Pete from Kenickie is on keyboards in this video and I've heard earlier song "Hunger" quite a bit on his sister's show on BBC 6 recently, his sister being Lauren Laverne from Kenickie.

Unlike "Hunger", new single "Fragile" is not as easy to pin down and that's part of why I find it so appealing.

Certainly there are retro elements at work in the presentation but the echo-washed vocals remind me more of Gene Pitney than any 1980s Brit band.

Every great band starts by pulling together their influences and shaping them into something new. I fully expect future greatness from Frankie and The Heartstrings; pretty soon and this Kenickie fan will be forgetting about the Kenickie connection, I'm sure.

Check out the band's official website.

"Fragile" by Frankie and The Heartstrings

Frankie and the Heartstrings - Fragile from Carol Lynn on Vimeo.