Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How Could I Not Post This? (Cherie Chung Again!)

I'm in no way attempting to post this like it's "news" or anything -- dleedlee already posted it and it's on Sina.com too -- but, given my interest as shown by this blog's postings in the past year, how could I *not* post about Cherie Chung shooting a new ad -- especially when the photos are this great?

She's ridiculously beautiful! She manages to exist on that line between sexy and regal every time she's photographed now; somehow as she's gotten older, she's gotten a depth that most people probably didn't think she had.

Peking Opera Blues is a great film but it made me focus on Brigitte Lin while dismissing Cherie Chung as just a pretty ingenue.

But, going back and watching Cherie's films -- stuff like the woefully underrated Hong Kong Hong Kong -- and I'm beginning to fully appreciate what a wonderful actress she really was.

I went through a similar spell where I became a bit obsessed with Grace Kelly and there is a similar quality in the Cherie we see returning to the public eye.

Pretty actresses -- especially those who started young -- probably have to work twice as hard to be considered "serious" actresses.

Cherie probably will never be considered the great actress that Maggie Cheung is but she shouldn't be dismissed either.

Her return to acting would be greatly welcomed by a legion of Hong Kong film fans!