Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Whither Crispin Hunt?

Longpigs were not the most original band in the world. And, in 1996 - 1999, there were dozens of bands like them. However, lead singer Crispin Hunt possessed a delivery that I quite liked -- similar to Thom Yorke, histrionic but with perfect English enunciation.

Not to everyone's tastes, admittedly, but well-suited to tracks like "Blue Skies" from the band's second album "Mobile Home" which I picked up in England when it was relatively new.

The band was on U2's late Mother label and their first album actually got released in America; I even remember single "On and On" getting played on alternative radio in the same era when Oasis still could.

Despite Mr. Hunt's slagging of Kenickie in some interview I recall from around 1997, I still play tracks from the band's second album a bit, along with a few singles from the first one.

Guitarist Richard Hawley also played for a time in Pulp and enjoys a decent solo career.

Crispin Hunt has not done much in the public eye but he was on a platinum album in England from Newton Faulkner and he's probably able to live comfortably off of that.

And here's a recent (?) interview that I just found.

I'm pretty sure that his vocal stylings would be ridiculed these days but, for now, here's one of my favorite tracks where he's -- actually -- a bit restrained.

Longpigs "Blue Skies"