Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Four Sisters Restaurant

Inexplicably, this post on Anthony Bourdain's Washington D.C. episode from January gets me at least 5 hits a day.

In fact, if you google "DC" and "Bourdain," that post is number 1!

(Hooray for me!)

That said, I'm going to focus on something positive today regarding a former resident of The Eden Center in Falls Church, Virginia.

The famous -- and rightly so -- Four Sisters Restaurant moved out of The Eden Center complex and into a shiny new space off of Gallows Road. I couldn't find it a few weeks ago but, yesterday, when I had a doctor's appointment in the area, I found it easily. It's less than a mile off of the Beltway exit for Route 50 so I'm sure I'll be going back.

Despite this blog, I never feel comfortable writing about food as 1) there are a ton of other food bloggers out there and 2) I usually just know what I like and can't explain why I like it.

So, the quick story is that I had the 5-course beef special and loved it. The beef fondue was my favorite which is surprising because, on paper, it sounds like something I would not like: thinly sliced beef meant to be cooked in a boiling fondue of lime-flavored sauce with a few onions in the mix. You can wrap this in rice paper crepes and add veggies as you like.

Just delicious and I say that as someone who usually avoids beef and heads for chicken and seafood on a menu!

I made the mistake of ordering summer rolls/garden rolls as well and I was totally full by the time that I ate those and the 5-course beef dinner!

The layout of this new location is interesting -- they occupy the ground floor of a condo-type building. There is free parking in the building as well.

What I had is on page 13 of the menu -- there are 159 dishes on that menu not counting dessert and drinks!

You can read some real reviews of the Four Sisters Restaurant here.