Saturday, June 13, 2009

Shek Kin in Rivals of Kung Fu

Rivals of Kung Fu

I'm trying to think of something interesting to write about Rivals of Kung Fu since Shek Kin just died.

And the best thing that I can say is that the late actor could do this sort of villain role in his sleep.

The film largely consists of the kindly Wong Fei Hung (Shut Chung Tin, who I just saw in the silly film, The Battle Wizard, where he played one of the many villains in the film) outsmarting Shek Kin's gang of pickpockets and thugs.

There are a few good fight scenes but nothing out of the ordinary for the Shaw Studios in this era and the drama wraps up around a dancing lion contest with an obligatory final fight thrown in during the last three minutes.

I know Lily Li not from her many supporting roles in kung fu films but rather from her precocious turn in Tropicana Interlude with Lily Ho but it was refreshing to see her briefly get a chance to shine in some minor fighting scenes in this film.

You can order Rivals of Kung Fu on DVD here.