Tuesday, June 23, 2009

New Puffy Album, Bring It!

I received my copy of the newest Puffy (or Puffy AmiYumi as they are sometimes called in the West) album yesterday and I can say that Bring It is one of the duo's most consistent releases in some time.

I had already heard the singles "Hiyori Hime" and "My Story" (as well as their associated flipsides), and I had heard a version of the duo's cover of Avril Lavigne's "All Because of You", but I can now report that the rest of the tracks on this 48-minute long release are just as punchy -- power pop with one or two jazzier numbers as well!

I didn't see Andy Sturmer's name on this release but his former Jellyfish cohort Roger Joseph Manning Jr. (also a Morrissey collaborator of late!) is behind at least one cut.

And while it would have been easier to buy this as a download (assuming iTunes adds it here in the States), I'm glad I ordered the deluxe edition as it had a 54-minute live concert DVD with it from Puffy's 2005 tour stop in San Francisco!

You can order that version here.

"Wedding Bell" (live)