Friday, May 29, 2009

Wonder Woman: Amazons Attack

Really, this graphic novel was a great read up until the ridiculous, continuity-preserving, tie-in-serving conclusion!

After a string of lackluster recent DC titles, I was so thoroughly enjoying this title that I almost couldn't believe it. DC sometimes succeeds and this book captures their strengths perfectly: completely larger-than-life characters -- sometimes god-like ones -- dealing with epic-sized events in a heroic manner.

If Marvel characters tell us a bit about ourselves as human beings through the various superheroes or mutants as proxies, than DC heroes seem to give us characters to emulate, or admire from a distance -- role models.

The great thing about this book is that I never once felt confused and it was easy to pick up and a joy to read. The writing by Will Pfeifer is almost as good as Gail Simone's work on this title. Almost.

And the painterly work by artist Pete Woods is beautiful. The colorist was great too -- forget the name now -- and the slight softening of the colors worked; this reminded me a tiny bit of Scott Kolins' work but not quite as sharp.

The ending, however, just about ruined this book for me. Just a totally stupid final twist ending. The deus ex machina stuff I can handle -- Wonder Woman is the product of Greek godhood, after all -- but the last "reveal" just made me feel like I had wasted my time reading the rest of the book.