Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another DC Disappointment

Well the Michael Turner-esque cover fooled me into expecting greatness within.

Don't get me wrong; Ed Benes was born to illustrate the Justice League of America but this book is pretty weak. A strong start leading to a weak conclusion.

Justice League of America: Sanctuary starts with a great premise: supervillains seeking asylum in the JLA headquarters. The setup is great, echoing current political events -- especially in Batman's distrust of the government's secrecy -- as well as the Marvel Universe's recent Civil War series.

Unfortunately, after this beginning, not much happens beyond the usual.

Maybe if Ed Benes had illustrated the whole thing, if more had happened, if the above ideas had been expanded? But, as it is, this slight volume is a dull, quick read apart from the Benes art.

Save your time and enjoy the cover without buying.