Friday, January 30, 2009

Variety Asia

I'm just posting this to further an idea that many of us have: Grady Hendrix must continue even if Variety Asia folds.

As Jason has already posted, as well as Todd at Twitch here, Variety Asia looks to be the latest victim of bad economic times.

But, this is the blogosphere. Sure, the hard copy may go but there is no reason that Grady's blog has to disappear. Even without the masthead of Variety over/above/on his blog, Grady has built a solid web presence that people like me, Jason, Todd, Yvonne, and others rely upon.

I have a list of websites that I check on a daily basis and many of them cover similar territory but they all have unique and distinct voices that I value.

The web voice of Grady Hendrix is one that I value as an Asian film fan and blog reader. I'm sure he will survive this!

For now, enjoy that voice here. There's more than enough older content to read if you've never seen the site before.