Wednesday, December 17, 2008

"The light pours out of me!"

The big music news of the day for me is the reunion of Magazine. The NME has the word here.

Christ, The Specials and now Magazine? Two of my favorites from that post-punk era in England with Magazine always being criminally underrated by the masses -- now reforming!

(Unbelievably, they were on "Top of The Pops!" -- Check out the first clip below)

The reunion will be bittersweet without the amazing guitarist of the band, John McGeoch (who died on my birthday in 2004). The guy played in every band that mattered for a brief span of time. His riffs were essential to what Magazine was trying to do.

And I'm assuming that the reunion will include bassist Barry Adamson who really has had an amazing career as well.

As a rule, I'm a bit skeptical of this kind of reunion but I have to be honest and admit that I would indeed try to get tix for this show if I was going to be in England at the time.

The band's Peel Sessions just got reissued and that release is even available as a download from Amazon, here.

Magazine - "Shot By Both Sides"

Magazine - "The Light Pours Out Of Me"