Tuesday, November 4, 2008

This Blog's Only Political Post

When I started this blog, I thought I would briefly touch upon politics but quickly realized that the last thing this world needed was another political blog; Stick with Josh Marshall or Andrew Sullivan.

But the significance of today is such that I can hardly avoid commenting on it.

And I should add that I always think of things on two levels: my ideal and my reality and, obviously, Barack Obama satisfies both in many ways.

Frankly, I never dreamed this day would come and it says something about how much Bush ruined this country that we have the Democrats set to sweep into power in such a fashion.

(It goes without saying that it's probably a comment on race in this country that Barack is not even further ahead than he already is; Fear is the only thing keeping him from having an even more impressive lead-- still, he's doing better than Hilary Clinton ever would have. And none of that is to diminish his masterful, amazing campaign.)

So, for the inner liberal in me, yes, Obama is a bit more centrist than I would prefer.

But he ran a perfect campaign and seems a sensible, moral man.

Even the choice of Biden as running mate which seemed a mistake at the time now seems a stroke of genius that accidentally, pre-emptively countered McCain's choice of Palin.

So, even if Obama turns out to be a boring President, he will still be a symbolic success that will help this country win back goodwill from the rest of the world.

If he doesn't close Gitmo pretty soon into his first year, then you'll hear me start to complain!