Thursday, September 25, 2008

R.I.P. Nick Sanderson

I bought a lot of CDs in England the first time I went there in 1999.

A large part of why I ever wanted to go to England in the first place was the music.

And it's with some irony that the first CD I purchased in England was the latest Catatonia at the airport HMV in April 1999 (Yeah, some taffy band was my first purchase says this fifth generation Welsh-American!)

But the two best CDs I purchased on that trip were the two Earl Brutus albums. I had been reading reviews of Brutus shows in the British press and laughing out loud and this video confirms that I missed what could quite possibly have ended up being the best live band I would have ever seen.

Nick Sanderson was in the World of Twist who got some fame thanks to Noel Gallagher raving about one of their singles but, really, the Slade-stomp/Jesus and Mary Chain-fuzz/Fall-style-"singing" of Earl Brutus really was something special (yes, Pop Will Eat Itself did some of this kind of thing earlier but they were a bit more "dance" and less destructive too!)

I learned of Sanderon's death just today from the NME and now I'm going to go play this video about a dozen times in a row. Maybe flip some furniture over in homage!

Earl Brutus - "The SAS and the Glam That Goes With It"