Thursday, August 21, 2008

Oasis Return

Gratuitous Beatles-lyrical reference? Check.

Foot-stomping riffs worthy of Slade? Check.

Words that Liam can sing even in an even-more-pronounced-Manchester-nasal-drawl-than-normal? Check.

Lyrics that look ridiculous on paper? Check.

Folks, it's the new Oasis single!

This sounds quite a bit like Heavy Stereo and that's a good thing by me.

But that single sleeve artwork is atrocious -- it looks like something The Coral rejected!

When Oasis stopped trying to be the Beatles and instead contented themselves with being Slade with a Beatles fix, I started to like them a whole lot more.

UPDATE: Clip of Oasis doing the song in Seattle at the start of their latest tour a night ago. Liam is quite the dandy.