Monday, August 11, 2008

Isaac Hayes

Isaac Hayes should be remembered for more than just South Park and Shaft.

I mean, the guy wrote "Soul Man" for Sam & Dave (along with other hits at the Stax/Volt label) and had a pretty good run of acting jobs (including 1974's Truck Turner and the same year's Three Tough Guys); the writing of "Soul Man" alone deserves as many media mentions as his work on Shaft.

And to someone of my background and age-bracket, the South Park work is kind of an afterthought.

And as much as I used to like the Wu-Tang Clan's "I Can't Go To Sleep" off their underrated 2000 album, The W, I obviously appreciate the original version of Walk on By performed Isaac Hayes on his Hot Buttered Soul album -- one of the few covers that has ever succeeded in completely reimagining the original song without being an insult to it.

Here is the BBC's obituary.

Here's the trailer for Truck Turner which is as good as the film itself -- the guy in the hospital shooting while bandaged head-to-toe is still funny: