Monday, June 23, 2008

"Tired Of England" -- Yeah, Maybe!

After listening to the new Dirty Pretty Things LP courtesy of a link on NME's media player, and then watching this new video on You Tube, I'm simply shrugging, "eh."

This song desperately needs the danger and wit of Pete Doherty -- it sounds like a Babyshambles throwaway from their first album and that album sounded like Libertines throwaways despite a few moments of greatness.

Please, for the love of rock, Carl and Pete need to reunite because separately they are mediocre at best (the magnificence of "Bang Bang You're Dead" and "Fuck Forever" notwithstanding).

And Barat looks sickly in this thing. Makes me long for the days of Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler or Jarvis.

You know, the early Manics were cartoonish at times, and they slavishly aped The Clash, BUT...BUT...they rocked with grandeur and had style to burn.

Give me an adolescent manifesto like this anyday over sickly b-list third gen Britpop (admittedly a weak video but the song -- the title especially -- is genius for a song this much near heavy metal!)